Is your vehicle more than 3 years old? If yes, then you are required by law to ensure that your car is roadworthy. MOT testing is carried out to ensure the vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards.

If your vehicle does not pass your MOT testing, we can carry out all of the necessary repairs at our garage at Cripps Corner to ensure that your car is back up and running again, and you can get back to your day without hassle.

Is it time for your MOT again?

Our experienced team can provide a thorough MOT preparation service before putting it through its test. By working on the vehicle beforehand, we can take care of any minor touch-ups that are needed so that your car stands more chance of passing first time.

For your convenience, we carry out all of our MOT repairs in-house and offer a while-you-wait service so your day doesn’t have to be disrupted for too long. In the event that your vehicle does need major repair work, we can offer a courtesy car in the meantime.

Give your car the best chance of passing first time.

From full testing to MOT repairs, you’re in good hands with us. Call us ┬átoday on 01580 830281